Taking a counter-intuitive break

This morning I felt somewhat overwhelmed with what to do. If anything, perhaps, I just felt a little uninspired. Partly because there’s a dark cloud looming over my sub-conscience about a mounting pile of unread (thus, lacking my response or action) emails from work.

I know, why should I take my newly found, additional personal time to do something other than spend it on self-improvement?

Maybe there’s a little relief once it’s all done. Well, I should hope so – I’ve just gone from 104 unread to zero in the space of an hour! And I feel better for it. I’ve been staring at that number for nearly two weeks while it crept.

Well, it’s Friday today. It won’t be an easy one by any measure as I know what lies ahead as far “tasks required to be completed” is concerned. Maybe the weekend brings fewer stresses. Until then…

Edit: after some consideration, perhaps the title should actually read “Taking a counter-productive break”, although that’s the same as just taking a break. So, I’ll leave it as is.

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