I made a video tutorial

And bloody hell did it take a while.

Always have I taken for granted those who make video tutorials on technical tasks, thinking, surely they just record the screen and audio and away you go!

No! I was wrong.

You do take, after take, after take. Then do it again. And again.

And after 30 minutes, you’ve got all of 14 seconds of usable video. How does that even work? I quickly start noticing the noises you make when idle not to mention all the background noises that normally disappear into the a constant drone.

Given the above information, can you imagine how long it took me to make a 25 minute long video? It was literally a nine-to-five day for me today, despite doing it “for fun”.

Lo and behold, here it is:

I’ve just remembered, I didn’t even make a little background jingle to break the monotony.

Lack of presentation skills aside, at least what the end viewer receives is the knowledge to start a new venture today.

Liberty and blogging for all!