A Published Author

Well, it’s official, I am now a published author. Self-published with the help of Amazon’s Kindle service but, published nonetheless.

The book, though fairly short, covers several topics centred around managing your own time with greater efficiency. These include managing time at work and at home, working from home, managing a team, project management and business process development, to name a few.

It is based on personal experiences and lessons learned, stretching a period of around 10 years – although, to be honest, the majority of the lessons were learned in the last 3 to 4 years. That has been the eye-opener and the reason for putting those thoughts and advice into words.

If you are interested and want to find the book, there are two methods – you can search for my name on the Kindle Store (it’s the only result you’ll find) or you can follow the link below:

This really does give me a sense of accomplishment and I’m actively thinking about new ideas to write another, longer book – this one is fairly short, only around 15,000 words, if you include the chapter titles. I’ve always liked the idea of writing a sci-fi or action novel, as well (feel free to pitch me some ideas).

Well, when I do write more books, I’ll be sure to post them here – so check back in a few weeks. Or years. Clearly, I have no idea how long it actually takes to write a book of that description but, as soon I know, you’ll know.