And I don’t mean just an office. I can just about get by with my Harry Potter office under the stairs at home – although it is noisy as hell in there.

Anyone know of or have any workshop space to rent out cheap or free? Not even fussed about access to electricity etc. I can work by candle light if need be.

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I made two recently and found that I was disappointed with both.

In all fairness, I don’t put it down to poor judgement on my part.

The items I received don’t even live up to their descriptions let alone any real world expectations.

But then, that’s what happens when you go bargain hunting.

I’m a demon for trying to find the cheapest possible version of anything.

And it shows.

My problem is, some purchases are so cheap that I don’t care much for rectifying the situation and end up repurposing the item.

By repurpose, I sometimes mean “modify”, at which point I can’t really send it back for a refund.

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This is an interesting image, opinionatedly speaking (is that a thing?) When testing out a new camera I was seeing a similar effect… without expecting it to do so.

The above image is artificially created, for reference. But, inspired by a genuine glitch.

I’ve been slow on getting videos out this week. Every time I start putting one together something else pops up, so prepare for ultimate randomness.

#glitchart #cameraglitch #glitch #brokencamera #video #glitchvideo #digitalnoise