Stepping outside the comfort zone

This morning started with recording a short “piece to camera”. Actually, it’s more like piece to camera phone that I’m not holding steady enough. This is outside my comfort zone. Any previous video recording of myself by myself or others, where I have to talk, reveals a nervous and half-witted subject.

I figured it best to capture the moment as early as possible, to reflect my state of mind as best I can. If anything, I felt a little annoyed at getting up early this morning. However, as soon as I thought about the prospect of doing something, anything for the sake of self improvement, it didn’t seem that bad.

Without further ado, here is said video clip. I have to apologise for the choppy editing – this soon after waking up and not having drunk anything yet I had terrible dry mouth.

Waking up early is harder on day 2 – I nearly hit the snooze button!

Yes, I realise the video may add very little value to your own life, if anything you have a little chuckle at my coffee selection but, it’s a start for me. My journey has just begun.