My first job, fresh out of university – well, I say fresh, it took me 5 months to land this job. Can’t say it was my proudest moment and in all fairness I had never even heard of Geek Squad before I got a phone call for the interview.

It definitely wasn’t my first choice, I must have applied for at least 200-300 other jobs before this came up. I’m still glad they gave me the opportunity, though. It at least gave me the chance to get my foot in the door, put something on a CV so that I had some credibility because as I quickly found out, having a university degree meant precisely nothing.

Though only part-time, there wasn’t much to do. And I think part of the reason for GS’s downfall in the UK is because the service is a little too quirky for most people to cope with (our uniform was that of a stereotypical geek, white socks and ankle swingers included). That and the idea of the service is that it’s sold off the back of a mobile phone sale. 99% of people are either comfortable with new mobile phones or they are uncomfortable with some techie nerd telling them how to use it.

In my 3 months at GS I only ever had one customer who took up the offer of new device/user tuition for only £14.99 – and she was very pleased with what she learned because the one important thing that GS don’t advertise is that we are all taught to convey the technical info in a way that everyone can understand.

I’m not really certain as to what the point of my rant above is but, I’m sure there’s a lesson learned in there somewhere.

One last point before I leave it: my job title was “Counter Intelligence Agent” or CIA for short. That sounds very official, if I worked for GCHQ (I’ve also applied there in the past and failed based on my ethnic background, supposedly) but it just doesn’t sound right. In fact, during my time there I had several conversations where I had to explain that “Counter” referred to the till or point of sale, i.e.: the desk where I worked, and I was an agent of intelligence. Not a counter-intelligence agent, which, quite frankly makes us sound like hillbillies.

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