The inability to recognise your own accomplishments because what you expect isn’t coming quick enough is a trait that plagues almost all of us.

It is very tough to collate the results of baby steps through a project into something that make onlookers admire your efforts and that’s completely normal.

We are taught from a young age about what to expect at what point as a result of what work – that’s the education system failing us. General education only works if you have zero aspiration in life and want to follow in the footsteps of every corporate office worker before you.

I think part of the reason for that is because it is impossible to teach every possible outcome and that is why it’s utterly important for you to discover your own path. It’s just a shame that no one is encouraged to do so early on in life.

When you do finally break free from the #ratrace do not be put off if a day, week, month or year of hard work does not pay off immediately, it never does. Even those seen as an #overnightsuccess have a hidden past of many years of hard work and failures behind them.

Remember this: the first pancake is never perfect.

#forgetperfection #donebetterthanperfect #stopjudgingyourself #stayfocused #staypositive #keepmoving #beinspired #staymotivated

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