Excuse the pinkish hue, I know it’s not my norm but a little variety goes a long way.

Anyway, I’ve dieted a lot – like, a lot! And every diet I’ve ever tried, successful or not have had one thing in common: if you don’t keep busy, you will eat.

It’s very tough sitting still for 3 hours, clock watching, until you can break your fast and devour a massive steak and cheese platter (yummy!) – however – it’s far easier letting time fly by while you are busy and fully engaged with an activity.

Be it walking, playing a game – board or digital – learning to program, designing some Christmas cards, fixing your car, anything at all to keep your kind off food. That way you’ll find the pounds dropping off a lot quicker than any diet before.

Actually, the pounds don’t drop quicker, they simply drop at the rate you expect them to as you’re not snacking, provided you are keeping busy, that is.

Most evenings (those are the toughest, after dinner, watching TV…) I keep busy with gaming, programming and working. The evenings are generally a great time to get additional work done. Gaming is good as it can be quite mesmerising and hypnotic at times. I’ve often lost almost entire days to gaming.

So whatever your fancy, or not if you’re trying something new, just keep busy if you’re serious about losing weight. In the long run it will incur far less disappointment. .
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