Think carefully about what this means. @sadhguru is a wise man and can open your mind to thoughts you’ve never even considered. You might mistake pain for weakness, being the first to turn your nose up at doing something because it will hurt. This is completely normal.

Suffering, be it mentally or physically is not the same. Yes, there may be pain, but it’s not the same pain. It’s not the kind of message your body gets in a fight or flight situation. It slowly drains you. It can drain others around you and similarly, you can be drained by others, too.

I think it’s important to identify suffering early on, identifying the object of your suffering and dealing with it directly. It’s not easy and you may piss a few people off.

The big question is, do you endure a short period of hatred and bad feelings in return for possibly much more positive actions going forward or do you endure a life long suffering?
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