Spend 30 seconds in the Discovery tab and you see pictures of rich kids, successful men and elegant women. It’s a false economy – or should that be false advertising of reality.

The problem this causes is, there are now a lot of young people who presume this to be the epitome of success and all strive to have these flash lifestyles. When they stumble upon a genuinely interesting person on Instagram (or any other social media for that matter) they why away from paying any attention because not a single Rolex, Bentley or Gucci whatever is in sight.

The difference is, I believe, in the sentiment that goes with each post – this caption below the image. Someone genuinely interesting tends to explain a little, add a little background to the picture, provide some context and just generally piece the puzzle together.

If you’ve read this far, well done, you’re not judging books by covers.

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