I’m learning to stop avoiding and confront things head on. Not in an offensive manner, going out of my way to piss off everyone, more in a way of dealing with the pain in the moment and not putting it off any longer.

I used to work for someone that I dubbed a “great avoider” and I used to think it was fine to do the same. It’s not. Not confronting your fears make them grow and chase you down.

Step into now, experience the pain early and it will get easier. Like I said, quite how I’m going to do I’m still learning and getting to grips with.

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I’m not asking for much. I just want the freedom to be able to say, I don’t need to work today and instead I’ll spend the day doing something meaningful for myself.

At the same time I want to not worry about how I’m going to pay next month’s bills.

Damn that’s an elusive bitch of a dream to chase down! I see something on the horizon just out of reach. It may be nothing, but I don’t want to risk not finding out.

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A Sunday morning walk at a slightly slower pace than I’d have liked, not to mention a shorter route than I’d planned.

My sleep was somewhat interrupted from about 4 AM, screwing with my 5:30 wake up time and left me feeling a little less energetic.

Needless to say, I still managed a shade over 10 km and around 12,000 steps in the space of 1 hour 50 minutes.

My slow pace was reflected in my calorie burn, being a good 500 kcal below my previous similar walk (more distance in the same time). On the upshot, I’ve found a very comfortable walking shoe/trainer. Something of a left field approach from the Nike SB. I always figured it to be more of a casual shoe (I wear them to work mostly) but definitely leave my feet and ankles feeling far less punished than some other shoes/trainers.

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If life is easy, you’re either born into royalty or tonne of money bestowed upon you.

The average life journey for you and I, on the other hand involves a lot of ups and downs. Sometimes more downs than ups.

The key is to just keep moving and just keep fighting for what you want.

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I used to loathe the idea of walking anywhere. Especially as a teenager when I used to ride BMX and even more so once I got my own car.

Now though, I find myself going for a 10km walk at least once a week and enjoying it. Not even to get anywhere, just for the sheer sake of walking, having a little time to myself to listen to an audiobook and see how busy the rest of the world is.

Ok, I know it’s not precisely 10km but, the fact I’ve covered at least that amount sits well with me. On a few occasions I’ve even walked 20km and I might well seek to do that more often.

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