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Simon Sinek shares a few very useful insights into why we think the way we do as millennials. It’s a tough journey getting away from the way of thinking that you’re entitled – no lie, I have been there. I graduated university, thinking, it’ll be alright, I’ll land a job.

I didn’t.

I started working a crappy part-time job, then got a slightly better full-time job. Eventually, I got an even better job and again and again. Yes, I had a few low points where some perks were good but, the work was shit but, it taught me a lot!

Eventually, again, I started moving up (on the scale of job satisfaction) until recently when it was all taken away from me. All future prospects I had planned for disappeared.

Alas, the video below – bear with it, I know it’s longer than 30 seconds – explains a lot about today’s generation. Perhaps it explains why I’ve had as many jobs as years I’ve been working since leaving education.

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