Let me explain a few things

I totally reinvented my personal site, created my YouTube channel and started taking Instagram seriously approximately 2 weeks before the company I was working for went down the pan.

The idea was to slowly build something up – a community, if you like – of like-minded enthusiasts of computers, cars and coffee. We’ll call them the Three-C’s from now. After all, those are my main interests.

Once I’d lost my job (using the term ‘lost’ very loosely) everything had to take a backseat while I start to work on something for myself. Something to pay the bills, because my first response to the matter was “I don’t want another job”.

You see, this puts a little pressure on me to make money, too!

The day after it all happened, along with two colleagues and friends we discussed a few ideas, settled on a name fairly quickly and agreed to go all in. We created Command AV.

You can also find Command AV on Instagram, although, the profile lacks a little something, anything, at the moment while we try and drum up business.

You’ll find me mostly between the pages of CC-AV.co.uk, here and on Instagram – however, I do intend to keep up with YouTube, learning a little more about video editing and sound production.

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