Here’s one for all you #averagejoes like me.

How can you apply some made up words to every day life and have it make sense…. I think this summarises rather well the steps one should take in order to gain some basic happiness and wealth. 

For instance, we all have a nurturing voice in our heads that force us to pander to those who are a little negative at times. Limit that contact.

I used to be a demon for spending money on useless shit. I would literally spend hours every pay day perusing eBay, Amazon, etc just looking for crap that I can buy because I think it’s cool or I might need it. I can safely say, out of all memorable purchases I’ve not really relied on any of them. 

The general state of the education system is flawed. Everyone knows it. Our schools teach us simply to memorise a syllabus of data. It does not even begin to expand on the boundaries of what we are truly capable. Really, what we need is a real life version of Charles Xavier’s schools in every town and city. I’m not calling mutants, but unleash your potential!

The former leads on to your passions. Again, school teaches us to follow the money. Wrong! Follow your heart and make the most of it. Do what you love and do it brilliantly.

Finally, much like the negative ones, there are thousands out there trying to scam you for a quick buck or some other gain. There are thousands out there trying to tell you NO because they are jealous of those who think freely. Fight ignorance with ignorance. 

At the age of 30, I can safely say I wish I was still living with parents, so that I, too, can pour everything I can into my passion. Now I’m chasing bills to pay rent. But I see light! .

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