Baby steps

[Part 2]

Sometimes we forget that a single task can involve many ups and downs and lead to learning more than you set out to do.

It’s important to not play yourself down for having completed only one thing, instead take away what you have learned from doing that one thing. 

Next time you are put up against the same task, you’ve already got the knowledge but, it does not stop you learning again and again.

The final point to remember is, self improvement does not always require doing new things but, doing the same over and over until it is no longer a task at all.

Then you try something new and start the process all over again. That’s where you find joy.

[Part 1]

It’s important to remember, baby steps. Take projects one step at a time. Too many people shoot themselves down because they have not attained unrealistic goals in a short period of time.

When you’re setting out to conquer a mammoth task, don’t look at the end result as what you should be aiming for, instead, focus on what you can do right now to make the overall journey easier.

Do one thing at a time. As long as you keep to that, you will continue progressing.

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