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“Your theme sucks” someone shouts quietly from the back. I know. For once, I’m just gonna stick with the standard WP stuff. Until I see something that really hits the spot.

Moving on.

My name is Rudi. I live in England. I have a pretty insignificant life, in the grand scheme of things. The difference is, I’ve decided to actively do something about it.

Many times before have I told myself “I should start doing this and that, and that” and never actually do anything. One main reason for not doing anything is always having an excuse to remain in the comfort zone of just being.

I want to learn a new programming language, maybe even an actual language – Spanish quite takes my fancy. Russian is interesting, but horribly complicated – who needs more than 26 letters in an alphabet? I also want to know more about video editing and animation. I’m not a keen speaker, public or on video, so I want to push myself to do that.

All the while, I’m still in full time employment, trading hours of my life for Sterlings. I also have a wife and a daughter and rent to pay. Traditionally, at the age of 30 you’ll have bought a house but, I like that excuse that the economy is screwed, mortgages are impossible and saving money is improbable.

However, I want to turn a new chapter and start answering question without relying on excuses.

Check back soon.

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